INTER CLINIC - The clinic of hair transplant surgery

INTER CLINIC - The clinic of hair transplant surgery

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The clinic of hair transplant surgery, INTER CLINIC, was launched in Prague – Radotín in 1993. The main specialization of this clinic from the very beginning was hair transplantation; it is therefore rightly seen as a pioneer of this procedure in the Czech Republic. Five years later, in 1998, the successfully developing clinic expanded and started to offer a complete range of plastic surgery.

Hair transplant surgery in Prague

The clinic of hair transplant surgery INTER CLINIC offers everything the demanding clients expect: experienced surgical teams, modern operating rooms, friendly staff and quality facilities. We are aware of the sensitivity of the procedures that our clients at our clinic receive, and therefore each of our employees maintains maximum discretion. That is why on our website you will not find photos of celebrities, although they are also our frequent clients. We respect their privacy and we are putting it above our commercial interests.

Hair transplant surgery and free initial consultation

Our clinic of hair transplant surgery is among the oldest in the Czech Republic. Our interest is in the long-term impact on the market and our good reputation. Our goal is a satisfied client who will gladly recommend our services. All this requires us to provide services at the highest level. As one of the few clinics of plastic and hair surgery, we offer a free initial consultation. Every client should have the opportunity of a non-binding consultation, where he or she can convince himself or herself of the quality of our services.

We look forward to seeing you at the INTER CLINIC in Prague - Radotín.