10 reasons to choose us

Plastická chirurgie Praha

In the Czech Republic there are many plastic surgery clinics. But only a few of them date back to the nineties and have really experienced team. Our plastic surgery clinic INTER CLINIC is one of the top workplaces sought after not just by domestic clients but by clients from abroad as well.

10 reasons to choose plastic surgery clinic INTER CLINIC:

  1. We are one of the oldest private plastic surgery clinics in the Czech Republic. Our quality is therefore tested by time.
  2. Each of our surgeons is an experienced professional who has undertaken hundreds if not thousands of plastic surgery operations.
  3. The fact that we provide a wide range of plastic surgery procedures and understand the many areas of aesthetic medicine means that each intervention can be assessed from the overall aesthetics.
  4. We are one of the few plastic surgery clinics to offer free consultation.
  5. We provide a wide range of information, truthfully and objectively.
  6. We respect the wishes of our clients. Our clients can choose the type of anaesthesia, appropriate for his or her health.
  7. We are aware of pain reliefs. Our doctors will take care of your pain after discharge to home care.
  8. Our plastic surgery clinic is located in a place which guarantees absolute confidentiality. Self parking is also available.
  9. We are a family clinic therefore each of our clients is treated individually and with maximum care.
  10. We provide special "travel discount" to foreign clients who undergo hair transplant surgery at INTER CLINIC.

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