Hair transplant procedure

For the surgeon, hair transplants are a complex process but for the patient there is no significant discomfort.

Hair transplants have three stages:

  • Pre-transplant holding phase
  • Actual hair transplant
  • Post-transplant phase

Pre-transplant phase

Before the procedure it is sometimes necessary to make a few consultations. During these the patients not only get a specialist opinion, but will be recommended a procedure and solution designed specifically for him. Of course the doctors will be trying to reach a consensus with the patient's wishes and ideas.

The actual hair transplants

The actual hair transplant consists of three phases:

  • Removal of skin graft
  • Distribution of skin graft
  • Transfer of skin graft

Removing of skin graft

Phase removing of skin graft involves taking a graft from a quality strand of hair. . The size of this is different depending on the method of hair transplants. In the FUT method a strip about the size of an average of 2.5 cm x 10 cm removed. When using the FUE method, grafts are taken one by one, and this circular cut is of the size of 1mm.

Distribution of skin graft

In the second phase of hair transplant operation has the major aim of dividing skin grafts into smaller parts called minigrafts containing 2-3 hair roots and minigrafts containing 1-3 hair roots. Minigrafts are more latterly used as the resulting effect of the hair transplant is more natural look.

Transfer of skin graft

The last phase of hair transplant is the transfer to the bare skin of graft sites. Hair grafts use micro-tweezers to appreciate the pre-minor excisions. At this point they continue to grow and behave as natural hair grows.

Post-transplant phase

After the hair transplant the patient stays overnight at our clinic. The smaller procedure can be left to dry without a bandage. For larger procedures is preferable to attach a pressure bandage overnight. The next day the patient is checked, the procedure is checked and the patient may be discharged home. Healing time depends on the method of hair transplants, but in truth the patient may in fact return to work as soon as possible.

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Hair transplant procedureHair transplant procedureHair transplant procedureHair transplant procedureHair transplant procedureHair transplant procedureHair transplant procedureHair transplant procedure