Hair transplant and baldness

Regardless of age, men tend to have one thing in common: hair is constantly decreasing and bald spots increasing. Hair loss and the onset of baldness increase virtually in both sexes, but experience has shown a bald spot in men being a bigger problem.

INTER CLINIC has a solution for baldness with hair transplants

The procedure for removing baldness interests gentlemen of all ages. For most of them toupees are out of the question because of it’s unnatural hair, which sooner or later everyone recognizes. It is important to them to have steady and naturally growing hair, and especially not being bald. That's why men choose hair transplants in an experienced and proven place - INTER CLINIC.

Baldness and the cause of its origin

  • Hereditary factors (the genetic code), in which hair loss is a future problem is pre-programmed and cannot be controlled
  • Androgens (male sex hormones), their normal or increased value initiates the applicable genetic code and creates the bald spots
  • Other possible factors that may not necessarily be the cause of hair loss, but can accelerate hair loss and baldness

Hair transplants came into consideration in cases where medical therapy does not produce the desired effects. It is often the only option that can guarantee visible results. Baldness may also result from injury, surgery and other factors. The most common cause of alopecia is baldness androgenetica (AA), especially the male type.

Baldness and the timely solution

A rational reason to perform the operation on bald patients with a less advanced bald spot is that the resulting change in the surrounding area is not as striking as in the case for patients in advanced stages of disease. Excessive baldness does not rule out this treatment, if the donor area is sufficient and patient expectations are reasonable.

Contraindications for an operation of baldness

Relative contraindications to surgery are bald hemorrhagic disease, unstable arrhythmia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, immunodeficiency, and hypersensitivity to local anesthetics, a tendency to keloid formation, systemic collagenosis and serious psychiatric illness. A patient with a bald spot should be able to endure time-consuming exercise, as back pain and neck pain can lead to problems during surgery.

Baldness and types of surgical procedures

  • Reducing of bald patches
  • Transposition flap - can be used to move a larger section of hairy skin
  • Hair transplants - currently the most common surgical method (FUT)

Pleš a operativní řešení plešatění v budoucnosti

Tak jako v jiných oborech medicíny je možno i v operačním léčení pleší očekávat v budoucnu uplatnění nových technologií, např. využití kmenových buněk.

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